Nusa Penida west tour package – Private Tour Start 350K
Nusa Penida west tour package

Nusa Penida west tour package is an inclusive private tour package that offers you to visit panoramic views of tourist attractions in the western part of Nusa Penida. This Nusa Penida tour package designed to visit unique new places on the small and untouched island next to Bali.

It is Nusa Penida which has some of the most incredible scenery and beaches such as Pantai Kelingking, Paluang Cliff, Broken Beach, Angel Billabong and Crystal Bay.

This Nusa Penida West Tour Package will start from Bali using a speed boat from sanur harbor. We need 35 minutes from the harbor to Nusa Penida. Before that, we will pick you up from the hotel at 6.30 am. Then take you to the port of Sanur and directly to Nusa Penida.

After arriving in Nusa Penida our team will pick you up with a nameplate according to your reservation. Then the island tour starts by visiting klingking beach, Paluang Cliff, broken beach, angel billabong and crystal bay.

As for your lunch we provide in the middle of the trip. After the tour is over, your fast boat will pick you up at 4 pm from the port of Nusa Penida to the port of Sanur.

Discover new amazing places in nusa penida with Kuta Transport and Choose our best saller one day Nusa Penida west tour package from Bali

Places of Interest will be visit on Nusa Penida West Tour Package

In one day trip in Nusa Penida we will invite you to visit some of the interesting places in West Nusa Penida. Of course, it will give you an unforgettable experience during your vacation with us. Below are them;

1. Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida west tour package

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida is famous tourist spot in Nusa Penida. Location in Bunga Mekar village as the famous Cliff Beach View in Nusa Penida. You can enjoy the The beauty of beach is shrouded in green. Against the open blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

This beach offers extraordinary natural views, from cliffs to the blue sea. Road access is also better, compared to Angels Billabong and Broken Beach. Some sections of the trail can be steep, requiring a little rock climbing, especially on the way back.

Find a corner To take a best photo with the head of the famous T-Rex. where everyone get their famous photo. past the stairs, there is a piece of concrete where you can sit and take pictures. This area is not to be missed as tourists will line up waiting their turn to get a potential new profile photo.

2. Paluang Cliff Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida west tour package

Paluang Cliff Nusa Penida as a tourist spot in Nusa Penida which presents panoramic views of the sea from the cliff. This cliff is a tourist spot that is much sought after by tourists who are on vacation in Nusa Penida.

Because, her beauty is amazing and so pleasing to the eye. When you are on a cliff, you will feel comfortable and calm with an amazing view.

The location is the next to several tourist attractions in Nusa Penida. Other tourist attractions such as the Love Tree and Kelingking Beach. Paluang Cliff is a tourist spot that allows you to see panoramic views of several strong cliffs or rocks and a beautiful sea.

This tourist spot offers panoramic views around Kelingking Beach from a different point of view. So that tourists call it a hidden spot. Before witnessing the beauty of the ocean from a cliff, you have to take a pretty tiring journey. But all of that will pay off when you are on the cliffs of Nusa Penida.

The journey to Paluan Cliff, will pass through swamps that make you have to be aware of the sharp plants that grow there. The road that is passed is quite narrow and one-way only. Even though it is hot, but along the way, you will feel cool because the wind is blowing quite strong.

Besides being an instagramable spot to see the beauty of the sea and some of the cliffs in Nusa Penida from the most beautiful corner. In Paluang Cliff you can also see the beauty of the sunset. You will feel the beauty of the sunset without being covered by anything. Really can make the mind calm and fresh.

3. Agel Billabong Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida west tour package

Angel Billabong Beach Nusa Penida is a natural paradise pool in Nusa Penida. Nusa penida is a small island that has a lot of natural beauty that you must visit, one of which is Angel’s Billabong beach Nusa Penida.

The location is not far from broken beach with the distance from Broken beach to Angel’s billabong about 30 minutes. Located in Sakti, Sompang village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency – Bali.

Angel’s Billabong Beach offers a natural pool that is located between the basins, and becomes the mouth of the river. The pool is mixed with sea water, the rest of the sea water is carried away by the waves leaving clear water in the pool.

4. Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Broken Beach

The panorama is amazing as the point of beauty of the broken beach is on a cliff as high as 200 meters jutting into the sea. This cliff has been exposed to seawater abrasion for centuries, so naturally a giant cave-like hole forms in the middle.

So this hole is called Pasih Uug (broken beach) or Broken Beach. This beach is famous after Kelingking beach. Both are known to the public and tourists who are the reason for coming to Nusa Penida. In addition, broken beach is also one of the best selfie spots in Nusa Penida

Because Broken Beach has a very amazing beauty. Once you get to one side of the cliff, you can take pictures with the background in the form of a cliff hole with waves underneath. You can take a different background in each photo you want. One of the favorite poses of tourists is to take pictures from behind so that your back can blend with the beauty of the cliff at the farthest end.

5. Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is one of the hit tourist attractions in West Nusa Penida. And one of the famous beaches among domestic and international tourists.

Because this beach has clear water and white sand. This place becomes a unique and attractive treasure for tourists. This hit tourist spot is very familiar to explorers of coral reefs and underwater life. This beach is the choice for snorkeling and scuba diving by tourists.

located in Sakti Village, Nusa Penida Klungkung – Bali. This place is about 15 kilometers from Nusa Penida Harbor which can be reached in about 30 minutes.

Nusa Penida west tour package, Itinerary

  • 07:30 am : Meeting point in Matahari Terbit Harbor and Check in at Wijaya Buyuk Fast Boat
  • 08:00 am : Take Fast Boat and ready to go to nusa penida island
  • 08:40 am : Reach in Nusa Penida ( our Transport with Private driver will waiting in the horbor while bring sign board under your reservation name )
  • 09.00 am – 15:00 pm Island Tour : Crystal bay beach, Broken beach, Angel billabong, Kelingking beach
  • We serve lunch on the restaurant near with broken beach or angel billabong
  • 16:30 pm : boarding in the fast boat
  • 17:00 pm : arrive in sanur harbor

Nusa Penida West tour Package Price

6 persons 350K/person
5 persons 385K/person
4 persons 395K/person
3 persons 425K/person
2 persons 450K/person
1 person 750K/person

Promo Nusa Penida Tour Package Included

  • Return fast boat transfers
  • Private Hotel Transfer Return
  • Private Tour in Nusa Penida
  • Visit Klingking beach, Visit Paluang Cliff, Broken Beach, Angel Bilabong and Cristal Bay
  • Lunch and Drinking water
  • Insurance

Promo Term and Condition

  • Above promo price not include hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Meeting point in sanur harbor ( Wijaya Buyuk Fast Boat )
  • If request hotel transfer will be charge extra 300k/car covered area ( Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Sanur, Denpasar, Benoa Harbor, Airport )

Tour Condition

  • The tour is Private Tours, means there is no other participant, just only you and your companion
  • The tour will assist by pofessional english speaking tour driver
  • Rates are quoted per person for minimum of 2 person ( Inclusive Tour )
  • Get special price for group booking special for ( Inclusive Tour )
  • Single booking will be charge extra ( Inclusive Tour )
  • Children under 12 years old will get 50% discount ( Inclusive Tour )
  • Infant under 3 years old is free of charge
  • Regular Tours Price include good car with AC, English speaking Driver, Patrol and Parking Fee
  • Inclusive Tours Price include All Entrance fee, Entertaiment ticket, Lunch/dinner, Good car with AC, English Speaking Driver, Patrol, Parking fee.

Term of Payment

  • This price already include with 21% Government tax and Services
  • No need deposit. will be settle on the day itself with our driver
  • Cash Payment in USD, IDR or other Currency
  • Payment with other currency will convert based on daily exchange rate

The Booking Proses

  • Complete The Booking Form to send your request
  • Discussion, we answer all your questions regarding your inquiry
  • For airport pick up, please send us your Flight Number and Arrival time
  • Confirmation, we send the booking confirmation to you by email when all clear
  • No booking fee, no deposit require from the activities that you requested
  • Payments, you may pay upon start the tour to our driver by cash
  • Except make booking for Big cars like : Isuzu Elf, Toyota Hiace and Bus, Need Deposit

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