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bali island transport

Do you know what the most important thing to know before you visit one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Bali, is? The answer is Bali island transport. It is important to create a plan and list all the places you want to visit or the activities you want to try in Bali. However, if you don’t know how to go to those destinations, you won’t be able to do anything once you arrive on this island. So, here, we will help you to find more what you can use for transportation to travel around Bali and visit your favorite destinations.

Find and Choose the types of Bali Local Transport


You heard it right. The first Bali island transport tool you can use is your legs. Many hotels and staying places in Bali, was built near the vacation spot. The good thing about the hotel in Bali is their location is only a short walking distance from the spot you can visit.  For example, many hotels and villas were built near the beach, traditional market, and shopping center.

So, if you stay there, you just need to get out of the hotel. Then, walk for around 5-20 minutes. And, voila, you arrive at a beautiful beach where you can see a magnificent view of the sunset. Or, you also can walk to the other side, find yourself in the middle of the traditional market, and buy some unique souvenirs there.  Exploring Bali on foot will become a nice experience. You can see a unique culture along the road. If you can communicate with locals, you will reveal more beauties of Bali you never thought ever existed. And, many places in Bali are Instagrammable.


The next Bali island transport is a motorbike. Bali has many motorbike rental centers. You can rent them, and ride the bike to explore the town. The motorbike is a perfect choice if you want to feel the real adventure. You also can visit many unique places in Bali that can only be accessed with a motorbike. So, it’s a good vehicle for you. However, make sure you have a driving license.


Taxi is also a good choice. However, before you use this Bali island transport, you need to ensure that you use the right taxi service. Many tourists have been scammed by taxi drivers and in the worst case, they even become a victim of serious crime in the taxi. So, choosing a trusted and reliable taxi service is one thing you need to do. For that reason, you can use the Blue Bird taxi service. Many tourists admit that this company is the safest one. Their drivers are also honest and kind. However, you still need to stay alert, in case you got bad luck with them. Just prepare for anything.

Car Rental Service

However, if we talk about the best Bali island transport service, the answer is the car rental service. This company provides many kinds of cars you can rent. That’s not all. They also provide the driver that will take you around. The driver can speak English fluently, plus the will become the guide for
your tour. Then, if you choose a good and trusted company, such as, you won’t only get the transportation that you need.

They also have Bali transport and tour activities package. In shorts, you can get a full package of the tour with a private car and driver. That is the best thing you can get for your vacation in Bali. Guaranteed, with the service from the car rental and Bali transport company, you get nothing but good vacation memories in Bali. So, have a fun adventure in Bali!


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