How much does it cost from Bali airport to Ubud
How much does it cost from Bali airport to Ubud

How much does it cost from Bali airport to Ubud? Are you looking for cheap and quality transport from Ngurah Rai airport to Ubud? This time I will give you overview about transportation from Ngurah Rai airport to Ubud Bali. Bali has many modes of transportation that you can use. It is starting from the cheapest one such as motorbikes. Then Bali airport taxi, Blue Bird Taxi and Private Transfer services from Bali Airport.

So that all you can choose for get to Ubud Bali from Bali airport. All of these options can be adjusted depending on your budget and the category of the level comfort you want. Now, I will provide several choices of transportation services at Bali Airport that you can use to get Ubud area.

Bali Airport to Ubud Distance

Did you know about Ubud? are you hearing about it for the first time? Ubud is the best tourist destination and is famous as the center of Balinese art. In addition, Ubud also has many natural tourist attractions with natural rural panoramas. Located in the middle of Bali with distance of about 38 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. We have to take bypass Ngurah Rai.

It takes time approximately 1 hour 20 minutes if you want to go to the Ubud center. Your journey will not feel far because along the way you will find many art things. Made based on traditional Balinese architecture. One of the places that tourists always visit near the center of Ubud is the Ubud Monkey forest and several other interesting places in Ubud which are heaven for nature lovers.

Transportation Options from Ngurah Rai Airport to Ubud

You have to know that there is no public transportation can be used from Ngurah Rai airport to Ubud. Therefore you have to use special transportation. Below are some transportation options that you can use from Bali airport to Ubud. We start with the cheapest.

1. Use a Motorbike

This option is cheapest one in this time, because public bus are not available from Bali airport to Ubud. If you want to arrange your trip according to your wishes, rent a motorbike could be the best option for you. Because you are free to decide whether you want to go directly to Ubud or stop by to visit tourist attractions that will be passed.

Some of the tourist spot that you will pass from Bali Airport to Ubud. Like; Bali Bird Park, Bali Zoo Park, Tegenungan Waterfall, Monkey Forest Ubud and many others.

2. Use Bali Taxi Airport

If you forget or no have time to book the Ngurah Rai airport transfer service before, you can use the Bali airport taxi service. They provide direct bookings by opening a taxi booking counter at the Bali airport. While the car they use is a sedan with a passenger capacity of 2-3 people.

How much does a taxi cost from Bali airport to Ubud? They usually have a fixed rate of around Rp. 375.000/ car with a passenger capacity of 2-3 people. This option is safer and more convenient for your trip to Ubud and is one of the recommended transportation options from Bali airport to Ubud.

3. Using Private Bali Airport Transfers from Kuta Transport

Well.. if you don’t like being jostled to get a Bali airport taxi, using a Private Bali airport transfers is the best choice for those of you who appreciate the convenience of traveling in Bali.

Take the time to book Airport Transfers service a day in advance. And your driver will be waiting for you at Bali Airport with a nameplate according to your name at the time of booking. Kuta Transport have many choice for Cars types like; Toyota Avanza, Apv, Elf and Hiace cars depending on the number of participants in your group.

Then how much is the price for transport from Bali airport to Ubud with with Kuta Transport? The prices they offer usually vary from Rp. 300,000/car with a passenger capacity of 4 people plus luggages. Below are detail :

How much does it cost from Bali airport to Ubud

1-4 persons IDR.300K/car
6 – 10 persons IDR.700K/car
11 – 15 persons IDR. 1.100.000/car

What do you get, if choose private Bali airport Transfers service?

  1. Free Driver, Fuel and Bali Airport Parking Fee
  2. The car used is a clean and comfortable private car
  3. Friendly local driver who always offesr best service
  4. Our team will be waiting for your in the arrival gate with a nameplate with your name on it
  5. Flexible, If you want to visit tourist attractions that will be passed on the way to Ubud, your driver will be happy to escort you according your wishes, of course there will be additional costs that can be discussed directly with your driver.

So, those are some transport options from Bali Airport to Ubud that you can use according to your needs and budget. Let’s make your holiday more safe and memorable in Bali.

If you are still in doubt and looking for transport from Bali airport to Ubud, please contact us via whatsapp. We are ready to help provide a Bali airport shuttle service with a comfortable and safe service, or just ask questions.

How to book Bali Airport transfers to Ubud with us

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