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things to do in Bali during COVID

Were you in Bali during the covid-19 pandemic? so what can you do in Bali so that your days are not boring? Here are some things to do in Bali during COVID that can be used to fill your holiday in Bali.

Since covid hit the world, many tourist attractions have been required to close in order to follow the rules of the central government. But something done to reduce your boredom is very important too.

Things to do in Bali during COVID

Below are some things to do in Bali, let’s see one by one;

1. Surfing

Surfing is a tourist activity that interacts directly with nature, which is very good to do during covid. In Bali there are many beaches that provide good waves for surfing. For both beginner and professional surfers. The beaches are Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Canggu Beach, Padang Beach and Dreamland Beach.

2. Rafting on the Ayung River Ubud

Especially for the Ayung river Ubud, it has river characteristics that are very suitable for rafting participants who are trying rafting activities for the first time.

Rafting on the Ayung river tends to be recreational rather than sports and is something to do during covid. Because the current of the Ayung Ubud river is not too heavy and you can see beautiful views of the Ubud countryside by participating in rafting activities on the ayung river Ubud.

3. Cycling on the Edge of the Rice Fields

Cycling activities in Ubud are mostly dominated by European tourists. But since the movie Eat, Pray, Love, starring Hollywood artist, Julia Roberts. Many Indonesian tourists are interested in bicycle tours in the countryside, especially in the rice fields of Ubud.

Due to the high demand for bicycle tours on the edge of Ubud’s rice fields, many outdoor activity operators, which initially only provided rafting activities in Bali, also provide bicycle tours. One of the organizers of adventure tourism activities in Bali that provides bicycle rides on the Kintamani Ubud route.

4. Elephant Ride At Taro Village

One of the best elephant rides in Bali is in the Taro village. The price for elephant riding activities in Taro Ubud, for me personally, the price is quite expensive. But that didn’t stop me from trying, even though I’ve only tried twice.

The price of the elephant ride at Taro Ubud is very value for money. For example, the gardens and gardens are neatly arranged, the elephants are very tame and fat, there is no smell of elephants at all, the buffet food can eat as much as you like.

Most of the enthusiasts for elephant riding activities in Taro Ubud are Australian tourists, while for Indonesian tourists it is more during covid.

5. Jungle Quad Bike

This unique place is very rare to find anywhere else, to get this experience you must join one of the Bali ATV Ride service providers. But remember, of course, the one who provides a cool cave path so you can make beautiful photos.

For that I suggest taking Kuber Bali ATV which provides exciting adventures with various Instagramable moments during their trajectory. One of them is the track in Goa. Make your unique photo by riding the ATV in the cave. In addition, there is a waterfall background that you can make this beautiful shot.

6. Bali Swing

There are many things to do in Bali, apart from adventure and beautiful nature tourism, you can also do a Bali swing tour. Make beautiful Photo are often sought after for tourists who are on vacation on the island of Bali. This is not just an amazing photo shoot, but a most enjoyable experience.

With They have grown like mushrooms between the fields. We will explain a brief list of places and prices for Balinese swings. Besides that, we hope to help you know exactly which one is suitable for a Bali swing trip.

This Balinese swing tourist spot is located in Tegalalang by providing a panoramic view of terraced rice fields, a comfortable hangout with an atmosphere full of beauty. Here you can also find agro-tourism by preserving various types of productive plants.

So those are 6 things to do in Bali during Covid, to reach this place you have to use a motorbike or car. If you need a car rental service with a driver, directly contact Kuta Transport for cheap car rental prices in Bali. Make your holiday in Bali more comfortable and safe during covid. May we all be healthy.