Transport in Bali | Best way to explore Bali with your own interest
Transport in Bali

Transport in Bali. Bali is the most popular island for travelers. Therefore Bali is developing very fast to support the needs of tourists. Especially of the transport or taxi.

Many types of transportation in Bali are tourist friendly. If you do not follow on your hotel to take you around. Of course, hotel prices are higher than transport providers outside the hotel. There’s nothing wrong with using tourist-friendly transport.

In Bali you can walk around the city on foot, by bicycle or motorcycle, by taxi or private car with a driver. If you want to go between cities, you can take a domestic plane. And also public buses, or rent a private car with the driver, or rent a car to drive yourself

Below are some types and modes of transport in Bali and tips for choosing them:

I. Taxi

Taking a taxi in Bali works the same way as elsewhere. You call a taxi from the side of the road, the taxi stops to pick you up, and go from there. Some taxis usually have favorite tricks that claim to have broken meters, or long trips, among others.

At present there are 4 types of taxis in Bali: Blue Taxi reading “Bali Taxi” (known as Blue Bird Taxi), purple taxi “Wahana Taxi”, Silver Taxi “Bali Ngurah Rai Taxi”. Ngurah Rai Airport Taxi, they will use a minimum payment rate of 25,000. And every 1 kilometer will be charged 8,000 for each kilometer added.

II. Rent a car without a driver in Bali

If you have a license, you can rent a car in Bali, with the option to drive yourself. To rent a car we recommend with insurance. Because vehicles in Bali are very crowded, the possibility of an accident is very large. Then use GPS to get to the destination you want to go.

Daily rates range from around $ 20 for a small car to around $ 60 for a large van. Gasoline and road necessities are not included. More info and reservations don’t hesitate to whatsapp us +6282144055762

III. Rent Motor Bike & Scooter

Motorbikes (scooters) are a great way for those of you who have been to Bali or lived temporarily in Bali. Explore Bali with your own itinerary. Exploring the small rural streets, the crowd in the city will be felt faster.

To drive a scooter make sure you have travel insurance, and be careful. Daily rates range from around $ 4 to $ 10 depending on the engine shift.

IV. Private Car Rental with Driver in Bali

Rent a car with driver in Bali is a Car Charter package with an English-speaking driver as an assistant or holiday tour guide in Bali. You feel more relaxed enjoying the atmosphere of the trip and the environment while listening to your driver’s brief info for Bali attractions.

You don’t worry about getting lost, confused about the traffic on the Bali road. Just relax and show you where you want to go around Bali and your driver will be happy to take you to your favorite destination or trip.

Cheap Car Rental with Driver in Bali, Make your holiday trip in Bali unforgettable with the Bali car rental experience to explore the culture of the thousands of temples. Rental rates are usually used up to the Full Day Charter 10 hours a day, and the Half Day Charter 5 hours a day.

Well hopefully the information above can be your reason to choose the best transport for your trip in Bali.


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